Natalia Elson, DDS

Meet Dr. Elson

Doctor Elson has been in the dentistry field for over 30 years and can offer the advice of a seasoned professional.

Doctor credentials:

Dr. Natalia Elson is a Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU Dentistry and Clinical Assistant Professor at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. She graduated from Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute, School of Dental Medicine in 1977 and from NYU College of Dentistry in 2010. Also finished General Practice Residency in Ukraine in 1978, Residency in Oral Surgery in Georgia in 1986 and General Practice Residency in Stony Brook University in 2011. Her family moved to US A from Estonia in 2003 where she was running Private practice and lecturing at Tartu University. Dr. Elson opened her Private Practice in Islip , NY in 2012. Dr. Elson has publications in Peer review journals in Estonia and United States, lecturing in different Dental events and to students at NYU Dentistry Since 2013 her field of interest is Laser Dentistry, Minimally invasive Dentistry and Low Level laser therapy and Digital Dentistry including CAD/CAM. She took a multiple courses and passed Standard Proficiency Exam in Laser Dentistry. Dr. Elson has 3 sons . One of them is a Dentist also. Dr. Elson hobby is reading and playing piano. She has 1 cat and 2 dogs in her household. 


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